Before The Adventures of Duane & BrandO's initial release of the LP of Devastation, there was a gloris cover art contest.
Duane & BrandO posted the submissions that were sent in, and asked the fans to cast their votes:

Once the fans had cast their votes, five (5) Winners and one (1) Grand Prize Winner were announced via YouTube:

The final digital download artwork ended up looking like this:

Included with the LP of Devastation was a folder containing the six (6) Winners' artwork and a folder containing pictures of Duane & BrandO!
(Photography by Rick Dallas)
Also included as bonus material were 3 behind the scenes videos and a folder labeled "@_@" which contained songs from the game Earthbound as well as two original tracks entitled "THE GREAT ABYSS" and "FUCK U."

The LP of Devastation [Remastered] will be re-released in January 2013, and will be available as a download or as a double-disc CD.