Kickstarter campaign backer information has been logged into our database thanks to DJ Skambrent!
This information will help D&B plot their course for the Tour of Devastation!
The tour will be divided into different legs according to region.

90% of North America's Tour of Devastation backers live in the United States. 10% live in Canada, not counting moose.
The following maps show backer locations for individual regions and does not reflect actual venue location. It will, however, help us to determine where to tour.

Western U.S.

North Central U.S.

Midwestern U.S.

South Central U.S.

Southern U.S.

North Eastern U.S.




South America


Duane & BrandO's Tour of Devastation is estimated to kick off in May 2013.

In related news, the
LP of Devastation [remastered] and all other goodies from the Kickstarter campaign will be shipped as late as February. Our estimated shipping time has been pushed back due to such a high volume in orders. The LP of Devastation [remastered] digital download will arrive in your inbox first, so keep an eye out for an update via Friendface or whatever the kids are calling it.