Kickstarter backers,

We regret to inform you that we will be ordering and shipping your Kickstarter items within the next couple of weeks. Due to the impressively large volume of items, we will be shipping them out one pledge tier at a time - beginning with the lowest tier first, and working our way up from there. We will make an announcement as we ship each tier, so nobody is left wondering if their stuff's been sent out yet.

This next part is very important, so pay attention: If you've moved since the Kickstarter, please message skambrent@duaneandbrando.com with your full name and new address. Even if you've already sent an email with an address update, PLEASE make sure to do so again to ensure that we have it. It's better to be safe than sorry, and if your items fall into the wrong hands, the results could very well mean the end of the world as we know it.

Once again, we apologize for the delay. As many of you are likely aware from previous experience with Kickstarter, sometimes these things take more time than initially expected. Life is unpredictable.

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Thank you so much for being patient, and for giving us the time to sort all of this out. You guys have been more than generous in your support, and it's been a humbling experience <3

The LAST CHANCE D&B Kickstarter Shop is now open! If you missed the Kickstarter or didn't have a credit card back then, this is your chance to get your hands on some great items!


It's true, folks, the LP of DEVASTATION [REMASTERED] is finally here!

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"What's up with you guys re-releasing the LP? Come on already, when are we gonna get new music?"

As you may know, we put on a Kickstarter for the reunion. Part of that Kickstarter's main tier was a copy of the LP of Devastation [Remastered]. In order to release the LP of Devastation [Remastered], it first had to be... remastered. This took quite some time, everything was redone from scratch... but as you can see, it is now available and sounds absolutely gloris. That was the plan, remember? As far as new material, we have released two new songs, "
Happy Happy Village" and "Runaway Five" from Earthbound. Happy Happy Vilage is amidst being rendered for public consumption, and Runaway Five will be a part of the upcoming Runaway Five EP. HOWEVER, we have not worked on new material due to personal issues and major snags, which can be explained here.

"When am I going to get my Kickstarter stuff?"

If you've just clicked the link above, you understand that life can sometimes be a cruel mistress. Things happen and things don't always work out the way we hope they would. We still have a lot of things left to do in order to get your stuff shipped out, and we apologize for the delay. We wanted nothing more than to get everything squared away months ago. The digital release of the LP of Devastation [Remastered] is the most I (Brando) am able to give at the time being. Anything else is absolutely reliant on Duane, as the funds are in his account. I cannot proceed with Kickstarter promise delivery on my own, as much as I would like to. Again, more specific details can be found
here, as personal as they are. We hope to get your Kickstarter items delivered to you as soon as we can, but we seem to be at the mercy of fate and I (Brando) cannot even attempt at giving you an estimation, as it is out of my hands. Some Kickstarter backers for other projects have waited years for their items. We regret you have had to wait as long as you have, but hope to fulfill our promises to you as soon as possible.

"Did you guys re-record parts for the remastered LP? It sounds so different!"

Everything on the album (with few exceptions) are the original tracks from the two previous releases, mixed together to create a fusion of everything you love about both previous versions of songs from the LP of Devastation. The only new recordings are the Metroid vocals in the intro and Chaos' two missing vocal parts from the earlier demo version of Final Fantasy.  Metroid's intro was recorded 6 years ago, but was never included in the song... until now. It's pretty amazing how much has been in the mix that was inaudible before the remaster. Kung Fu [Remix] also features new parts, but you probably already knew that. Clever girl.

"Is the LP of Devastation [Remastered] going to be on iTunes?"

The LP of Devastation [Remastered] will be on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and many many more! There will be a special announcement when it is available for these platforms. Processing time for these platforms takes a bit longer than a direct upload, as sometimes a master CD must be mailed out to various companies. Until then, it is available on
Bandcamp, which is actually really freakin' awesome and allows you to choose whatever file format you want!

"When's the tour?"

We are proud to announce our first live show in over 3 years will be held at
Kollision Con in Chicago, Illinois. There is no better place for a re-re-reunion show than the vacation of all cons. BE THERE! We have not booked any other shows at this time, but hope to start booking more shows starting spring 2014.


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